Ecommerce website development, Ecommerce web development

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce has grown manifolds over time and has become the defect to web tool for both existence and triumph in an era engulfed by networks. This has become even more pronounced with the dawn of the next level of automation. The synchronized coming together of mobile based technologies, electronic funds transfer, online marketing and digital information interchange has facilitated e-commerce to become the cornerstone of any trade or industry.

Tools and Technologies

Web Servers :

An all-handling vigorous web server is an absolute must to execute and manage the web server software that in turn administers website access attempts.

Web Authoring Tool :

This is a specialized software primarily put into use to create the front end or the user interaction end of any e-commerce website. A range of web authoring software is available with power tools such as Adobe Photoshop to far simpler ones. Using a blend of these tools, a sophisticated e-commerce website can be developed. HTML and CSS can be put into use to create an e-commerce site even without the use of expensive mega tools.

Database Systems :

Databases essentially serve the purpose of storing data. These systems are the mainstays of each and every e-commerce entity. It assists in storing detailed information, pictures, cost data, clientele information and much more.

In e-commerce, a well-chosen domain name adds instant zing to the venture, adding success value in conjunction with the above discussed tools and technologies.

Why XcelTec and how can XcelTec make your e-commerce venture excel?

XcelTec has an enviable profile of having served as an invaluable tech partner to its clients in a considerably short span of time. This exact trait has also been envisaged in our e-commerce projects. Therefore, whether it is a multiple currency, variable geographical location based retail functioning of an e-commerce shopping website or perhaps a web portal for handling task management services for the auto trade, XcelTec always brings its superlative efforts to create a major distinguishing factor for our customers.

Applying the modern, updated tools and technologies on Open Cart and Magento, we come up with a vast selection of e-commerce apps. Our solutions for the e-commerce field can generally be listed out as follows:

Individualized design and implementation of e-commerce

E-commerce project execution based on open source

Seamless incorporation of other third party API and online services

Upkeep and technical assistance in e-commerce

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